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Our tips on how to pack your packages and where to apply the waybill and travel documents.

• The boxes must be rigid and in excellent condition.

• Use solid and intact packaging, with all flaps intact.

• Reused packaging is not recommended because it is less

resistant. If re-used, remove all old ones

labels with existing addresses and barcodes

and make sure the boxes are free of holes, tears or


• Avoid empty spaces: in case of overlapping packages,

too much padding reduces the strength of the packaging.

Avoid boxes that are too large for their contents,

as they risk being crushed.

• For fragile items, use smaller boxes from

insert into larger boxes by interposing

padding, both internal and external, to the smaller envelope.

Alternatively, use moldable foam pads

to protect the content.

• Seal the external corrugated cardboard containers by applying

at least three strips of adhesive tape 5 cm wide on the part

top and bottom of the cardboard forming an H with the

tape on all flaps and seams of the box.


Package in storage: what you need to know

A package can go into storage for a variety of reasons: the main causes are an incorrect address or an absent recipient.
To quickly find out if a package is in stock, check the tracking code on the courier's website. 
The package will be held for a certain period (usually 15 days), if you have not collected it within this period it will be returned to the sender.

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