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Green in Milan
Only with 100% ecological vehicle

Green Delivery a StoryTime!
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General authorization

Postal License n. 5849_20

Delivery and distribution of envelopes and packages throughout Milan and the Hinterland

Think about the environment and use GREEN shipping!

Delivery and distribution of envelopes and packages

we collect them and we deliver them all over Milan

and Hinterland.

If you are not in Milan, we will collect your parcels by express courier and the next day we will deliver the last GREEN mile.

In this way we reduce CO2 emissions and optimize costs and times.

Do you have an ecommerce?

Tell your customers that your shipments are eco-friendly!

We can also follow the preparation of the products (eg e-commerce) stored in our logistics and then distribute them daily.

Shipments are traceable and are delivered with postal authorization.

Corriere con pacco

Our services

Corrieri che caricano il camion

Corriere espresso

Buste, pacchi o bancali fino a 200kg.
Siamo in grado di trasportare anche oggetti voluminosi, ingombranti e fragili.


Refill negozi

Portiamo i prodotti
da un negozio 
Per aziende che hanno l’esigenza di movimentare merce, documenti e prodotti in Milano e Hinterland.


Consegne ecommerce

Per consegne in Milano e Hinterland di pacchi o buste. Con tracciabilità e con servizio di contrassegno
Trasporto veloce e sicuro, 
degli acquisti online.

Magazzino per stoccaggio pacchi

Warehousing service

We can use our warehouses for

keep parcels or other for 1 week,

1 month or more.

Imballaggio prodotto


In addition to the sale of cartons, we offer the

packaging service for

fragile objects (paintings, televisions ..) and not.

Corrieri in consegna

Reliable transport service

Transport of envelopes, packages, precious objects and more ..

Transport insurance

Guaranteed and traceable deliveries

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